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Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, students will understand what a speech is and will be introduced to the types of speeches. Students will understand what the different purposes of a speech are and how they relate to one another to form a thesis. Students will gain the knowledge that biases can exist in speeches and what they can do to avoid them.



Chapter 2.1

Concept of a Speech

This section explores what a speech is and includes a brief introduction to the various types of speeches.

This section explores the relationship between the general purpose, specific purpose, and central idea of a speech. 

This section discusses discusses the potential biases that speakers can possess and how to avoid them. 

Review Questions

1) What is a speech? How many types of speeches are there? What the sub-types? 

2) How are the general purpose, specific purpose, and central idea related? Which should you start with when developing a speech?

3) What is your personal frame of reference? What lead to you developing this frame?

4) What can you do to try to eliminate biases in speeches?

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