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Katherine has been teaching public speaking at the University of Louisville for 30+ years. In addition to teaching basic public speaking, she teaches Business and Professional speaking courses, as well as Advanced Public Speaking.  She is the Director for the general education speech courses in the Department of Communication, a position she has held for 10+ years. Katherine is passionate about student success and helping them find their voice, power, and abilities by providing them opportunities to speak up and speak out.

Katherine Taylor

General Education Speech Program Director, University of Louisville

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Christine Steineck

Instructor, University of Louisville

Nicholas Paliewicz, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Louisville


Christina Cutting was top of her class at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), graduating Summa Cum Laude, and is now an editor specializing in legal, political, and environmental and lifestyle pieces. She holds a degree in English and Political Science and works in California.

Christine Cutting

General Copy Editor

M. Benjamin Saylor, EIT

General Online Editor

Tyler Poteet



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