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Creativity is a process of bringing an original idea into existence or connecting the dots between existing ideas.

          Creativity is a process of bringing an original idea into existence OR more importantly connecting the dots between existing ideas. Creative thinking is a process your mind goes through to sort things out and make sense of potentially connected relationships. It helps us to see things in new and different ways, from different angles, utilizing the parts of the “old” to create the “new.” There may be nothing “new,” and we end up just reconfiguring the preceding ways into new ones. We are becoming thoughtful, connected thinkers and doers adding our own value to thoughts and actions. Being creative is important when presenting a speech. It is also the basis for brainstorming.


          Creativity allows for freedom of expression for the development of thoughts and ideas as they relate to speechmaking. It helps us connect with a wide variety of audience members on many intellectual and emotional levels we may not have considered initially. Creativity can apply to everyone, but many don’t realize or feel the freedom to foster creativity into their ideas and work. Creativity allows you to approach ideas and projects in new and fresh ways. Creativity can help you and others see things differently and is the basis of problem-solving. Creativity cannot be forced or pushed, but rather it must come from allowing yourself to be open in thought, relaxed in nature and demeanor, and not rushed. Sometimes it may be perceived as an ah-ha moment.

Review Questions

What does creativity allow for? How can you utilize creativity in the speechmaking process?

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