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Credibility is the quality of being trusted and being believed.

          Credibility is the quality of being trusted and being believed, of having good character as Aristotle thought. When using sources, it is imperative you verify their credibility before use. Here are a few steps to take in researching the source’s credibility. You should be able to answer each question affirmatively before using the source.

  1. Is the information accurate? How do you know? Where was it published? What is the publisher's credibility?

  2. Who is the author and are they credible? What is their credibility? What are the author’s credentials?

  3. Is the publication current? What is the date of the publication? If the publication is older, it may lack new insight and knowledge on a topic.

  4. Is the information unbiased? Does the source only present one side of the argument? Is there an ability to research the opposing side?

Review Questions

How do you determine credibility of a source? What questions should you consider when determining credibility? 

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