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Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, students will gain an understanding of what critical thinking is and how it relates to public speaking. Furthermore, students will be able to identify choices and the different ways to think. Students will also be able to gauge how perception influences our speaking.



Chapter 1.3

Critical Thinking

This section discusses how critical thinking and public speaking are related.

This section discusses the choices we make in our everyday lives.

This section introduces the concept of perception and how it influences our speaking.

This section breaks down the right/left brain misperception.

This section explores the various learning styles and how they impact public speaking.

Review Questions

1) What is critical thinking? How does it relate to public speaking?

2) What are the steps to the Paul-Elder model of critical thinking? How are they applied for public speaking?

3) How is speechmaking also about choices? What are some of these choices?

4) How does perception relate to the audience?

5) Why is the right/left brain debate inaccurate? 

6) What type of learning style are you? Why do you think that?

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