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Informative Topic Ideas



Unsure what topic would be good for a class presentation? Ask your class in the Messages tab.

          Still struggling to choose a topic? Here are some broad topic areas that could be narrowed down to be a speech topic:

  • Politics: revamping our political system, marriage equality, universal healthcare, the use of torture in war, news media bias, rights of senior citizens, oil dependence, national security, amending the constitution, the Electoral College, or foreign adversaries.

  • Music: Lady Gaga, rock vs. rap, hip-hop, country, Mozart, music therapy, music education, Florida Georgia line, Garth Brooks, etc.

  • Reading: Favorite author, favorite book, e-readers, fiction, nonfiction, thrillers, or mysteries.

  • Your City: Entertainment venues, parks, museums, roadways, or shopping areas.

  • Travel: The Toronto International Film Festival, Ireland, Spain, Vatican City, Eurorail, Acadia National Park, Maine, Belize, Panama, international study abroad, or the importance of travel.

  • TV: Reality shows, the history of The Price is Right, the influence of the media, which news show is better, Netflix, Amazon, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Game of Thrones, South Park, or the messages in TV shows.

  • Movies: Spiderman, Titanic, It’s a Wonderful Life, Gone with the Wind, Up, the Twilight series, the history of Disney Pixar movies, Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star is Born.

  • Business: Outsourcing, the stock market & our economy, small business development, minority owned businesses, the influence the media has in domestic business, or government control of business.

  • Internet: Website development, pop-up ads, web security, job seeking over the internet, internet-based crime, censorship, YouTube, copyright infringement, Facebook, or net neutrality.

  • Current Events: Wikileaks, nuclear power, electric cars, steroid testing, the opioid epidemic, our legal system, or immigration.

Review Questions

What are some additional informative topic ideas that matter to you?

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