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Visual Aids

          “Location, location, location,” or so the saying goes. Location of the speech is a key part of an effective delivery. It gives you an idea of how the room is set up, if there will/will not be technology to use, what kind of technology, how your audience may be seated, is there adequate ventilation, and is it a large or small room. Many times, the location of a speech is chosen by the occasion or audience needs and is outside the speaker’s control. Think about where you will stand and how you will interact with the room and audience. If you can, explore the room you will be speaking in ahead of time. Imagine the room filled with audience members, visualize yourself giving the speech.

          Room technology can sometimes be a hurdle when presenting. While exploring the room, investigate the technology to see if you need any special adapters or cords. Never assume a room will have the required adapters for your personal devices. Look for a microphone, the room may or may not have one, be prepared to project your voice if the room does not. Remember the adage from earlier: “Not if, but when” and attach it to the presence and reliability of the technology in the location/setting—be prepared for anything—always have a backup plan.

Review Questions

Why is it important to explore a speech location before delivery? 

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