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An Overview of Communication


Communication is the transfer of meaning through many forms: vocally, symbolically, body movement, etc.

          Communication is ultimately the transfer of meaning. It occurs in many forms, a few examples include: symbols, language, hand signals, drawings, artwork, facial expressions, and touch. All of these help us to communicate and transfer messages, information, and/or meaning. Humans are the only creatures on earth who use language (symbols) to convey meaning. We use communication daily in a variety of ways to express our ideas, needs, wants, and emotions to our fellow humans. Right now, you are receiving communication from this text through reading.


What are some other ways you communicate with others? What are some ways you communicate with animals? How do you know what they are trying to communicate?

Review Questions

1) What is communication? 

2) What creatures use symbolic languages to communicate? Why is this important?

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