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Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, students will be able to identify the types of delivery methods used in speaking. Students will understand why location is important in speech giving. Furthermore, students will understand how anxiety impacts speaking and how to overcome it. Students will be able to practice their speeches and learn tips for delivery.



Chapter 3.3

Power of Delivery

This section discusses verbal delivery methods of speeches.

This section discusses nonverbal delivery methods of speeches.

This section talks about location selection for giving speeches.

This section discusses nervousness and how to overcome nerves when preparing and giving a speech.

This section introduces techniques for practicing a speech and how practice sets you up for success.

This section introduces the concept of visualization and how to deploy visualization when preparing a speech.

Review Questions

1) What are the four types of verbal delivery? How are each one of them used? 

2) If you were a politician delivering an important policy speech which method would you use? And why?

3) Why is nonverbal delivery just as important as verbal delivery?

4)  Effective speakers do what with their eyes? What is a trick to make sure you are establishing a connection with all of the audience?

5) You are focus of your speech, what clothing items may not be appropriate for formal presentations?

6) Why are facial expressions a good method of nonverbal delivery?

7) Why is it important to explore a speech location before delivery? 

8) What are some reasons you may feel apprehensive about delivering your speech? 

9) How does practicing help you become comfortable with your speech? 

10) Why should you practice with you presentation aids?

11) What are some items you could add to your speaking notes to help you? 

12) Finishing under the minimum time limit of a speech may mean you failed to do what?

13) How would you define visualizing? Give an example of when you visualized something to help you create success.

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