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Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, students will understand the importance of language for a speaker, what meaning is, and how to use language effectively as a communicator.



Chapter 3.2

Power of Words

This section introduces the concept of language and how it can impact meaning and comprehension in a modern society. 

This section discusses the importance of words and how to effectively use words in the speechmaking process.

This section introduces literary devices and how to utilize them in speeches. 

Review Questions

1) What is language? How do we represent our language? 

2) We give meaning to objects through our thoughts. Why is there no correlation between words and objects?

3) What is the difference between abstract words and concrete words? How does the Ladder of Abstraction help us develop more concrete words?

4) Which type of words have precise meaning and leaves no room for interpretation? 

5) The use of similar words or phrases to provide rhythm, phrasing, or connection is what literary device?

6) President John F. Kennedy's famous "ask not..." speech is an example of what type of literary device?

7) Write a metaphor about your favorite musical artist, professional athlete, or best friend.

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