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Special Occasion Patterns


Special Occasion Speeches are either formal or informal speeches that are used to celebrate, commemorate, or entertain depending on the context and the event.

          Special occasion speeches celebrate or mark an occasion or event. Due to the variety of special occasions, speeches of this genre may not have a set pattern of organization. However, these speeches do need to be organized. You don’t want to confuse your audience and leave them searching for the meaning of your speech. Special Occasion speeches can follow informative or persuasive patterns for their points depending on the goal or outcome for your message.


          Most topics may be able to be done in any of the organizational patterns for speeches dependent upon the goal (informative or persuasive), topic itself, occasion, you, or your audience. Therefore, it may be difficult sometimes to discern the most useful pattern. It is very important to decide on the pattern you will use early before you solidify your speech. This decision gives you structure and flow for your speech. It is extremely difficult and almost impossible to decide after you have written your speech which pattern you think you used.


Think about this process:

  1. Brainstorm topic ideas

  2. Research topic

  3. Decide on main points

  4. Decide on the pattern you will use to lay them out

  5. Then write

Review Questions

1) Why should special occasion speeches be organized?

2) What type of patterns can be used for special occasion speeches? What does your pattern choice depend on?

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