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This section introduces the concept of technology mediated communication.

This section identifies types of commonly used technology mediated communication and the advantages of each.

This section discusses the potential drawbacks to communicating via technology.

This section addresses how to overcome drawbacks to technology and other key items necessary when communicating online.

This section discusses giving a speech in an online setting and provides recommendations to best practices when giving a speech online.

Review Questions

1) How can various types of technology mediated communication utilize various channels (short deleting videos, memes, GIFs, short looping videos, and emojis) to convey meaning?

2) How are video conferencing services, webinars, and pre-recorded videos similar? How are they different?

3) What type of text communication is considered more formal in nature?

4) What are digital presentation aids?

5) What are some potential drawbacks to video conferencing systems?

6) Were you aware that emojis can appear different on different devices? How does this impact your ability to use them?

7) Were you aware that your use of technology is potentially being monitored? What types of monitor do you think happens at your school? At your work? At your home? 

8) What are some things you should remember regarding a camera when using technology to communicate?

9) What is the difference between instantaneous and delayed communication?

10) Why is a live audience important even for an online speech? What type of people should you get to be in your audience?

11) What type of location is conducive to recording a speech? What type of room isn't? 

12) Why is it important to practice speaking before recording?

Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, students will be able to identify the types of technology mediated communication and how they relate to the communication process model. Furthermore, students will be able to identify the advantages and drawbacks to technology. Lastly, students will be able to give effective speeches in an online setting.



Chapter 5.1

Technology Mediated Communication

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