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Things to Remember When Using Technology to Communicate


          No matter what type of technology mediated communication you choose, there are some common considerations you must remember when using them. 

          Is the communication method instantaneous? Or is it delayed? Asking these questions help you determine your audience type. An instantaneous communication method allows for the person speaking to interact and mold their message in real-time to the needs of the audience. A delayed communication method, such as pre-recorded videos, emails, and social media posts, does not allow the communicator the ability to change their message based on the needs of their immediate audience. 

          Is special equipment required for the communication to take place? As the name suggests, technology is required. It is not wise nor appropriate to assume the technology you need to communicate will be available. 

          Other considerations are camera location, will the camera be a webcam at the top or bottom of a computer screen, a cell phone, or a handheld camera? Will you be shooting in portrait or landscape mode? Will you be expected to hold the camera as if you were taking a selfie? What about audio? Will there be a microphone for you to use? Will it be freestanding, or will you have to hold it? Will the person on the receiving end of your message require special equipment to decode your message? 

Review Questions

1) What are some things you should remember regarding a camera when using technology to communicate?

2) What is the difference between instantaneous and delayed communication?

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