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Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, students will possess the tools to begin the speechmaking process through an understanding of how to choose appropriate topics, how to narrow their ideas down, and how to start creating a successful speech. Students will also have the tools to understand why and how creativity is important and to utilize various brainstorming methods in speechmaking.



Chapter 2.2

Topic Selection

This section introduces the concept of topic selection and gives things to think about when choosing a topic.

This section discusses how to brainstorm and mind map when trying to choose a topic.

This section talks about the creative process in relation to speech topic selection.

This section provides a list of sample topic ideas for informative speeches

This section provides a list of sample topic ideas for persuasive speeches.

Review Questions

1) What are the four areas to consider when choosing a topic? 

2) What are some ways to brainstorm topic ideas?

3) How are brainstorming and mind mapping different? How are they similar? 

4) Develop a linear list beginning with these items, go at least three steps deep: Pop Music, R&B Music, Classical Music, and Jazz Music. 

5) What does creativity allow for? How can you utilize creativity in the speechmaking process?

6) What are some additional informative topic ideas that matter to you?

7) A persuasive speech requires at least how many sides to each topic?

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