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          Athletes see the ball going through the hoop or the golf ball going in the cup. They see the movement of the ball on the golf green or the arc of the basketball. Speakers may be considered athletes in the oral traditions. They must plan, and constantly practice becoming better and too have it appear “natural.” Visualizing is seeing in your mind’s eye a behavior or action. Visualizing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of doing well. Visualizing success helps create success! See it to create it! Try this exercise!


Visualize these things as they relate to your upcoming presentation. Close your eyes and then:

  • See yourself walk up to the lectern.

  • See your audience as you gather yourself and notes to start speaking.

  • Hear your introduction come out powerfully.

  • Hear your transitions.

  • See and hear the audience’s reaction to your information and ideas.

  • See yourself looking at all sides of the audience.

  • Hear your energy and life come through your points.

  • Hear your transition and conclusion.

  • Hear and see yourself end powerfully

  • See the reaction of your audience as you end.

  • See yourself gathering up your speaking notes.

  • See yourself walk to your seat confidently.

          Seeing becomes believing becomes doing!

Review Questions

How would you define visualizing? Give an example of when you visualized something to help you create success.

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