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What are Special Occasion Speeches?


Special Occasion Speeches are either formal or informal speeches that are used to celebrate, commemorate, or entertain depending on the context and the event.

          There are occasions in life you where may be called upon to speak not only in an informative or persuasive way, but also to celebrate, commemorate, or simply to entertain, these are called special occasion speeches. Special occasion speeches may be either formal or informal, depending on context and the event. Just like other speeches, audience analysis is critical when preparing for these speeches. Special occasion speeches should be carefully prepared, organized, and practiced (like a commencement speech) or possibly delivered impromptu (like a toast at a corporate event or wedding). Special occasion speeches vary in length, some may call for being shorter in nature (a toast) while others may need to be longer (a commencement speech). However, the purpose remains the same no matter which type is needed: to convey the intended message to the audience.

Review Questions

1) What are special occasion speeches?

2) What are some common places where you may have to give a special occasion speech?

3) Are special occasion speeches considered formal or informal? 

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