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Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, students will be able to apply the process of communication throughout their life. Students will also be able to identify the differences between public speaking and conversation. Students will be able to identify the various models of communication and the principles that guide communication.



Chapter 1.5

What is Communication?

This section introduces the concept of communication.

This section explains the communication process model and how it is used in daily life.

This section discusses the rules communication follows. 

Review Questions

1) What is communication? 

2) What creatures use symbolic languages to communicate? Why is this important?

3) What are the two types of interference? How are they similar?

4) Who is the encoder? Who is the decoder? How do the two interact?

5) What type of communication model do we use today?

6) What is an axiom?

7) Why is communication unavoidable?

8) Explain why communication is irreversible. 

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